Durapower — Your Trusted Battery Partner

Durapower has been designing and delivering advanced battery solutions for the Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) sectors. Durapower provides safe, high performance, lightweight and durable battery ESS solutions for the clean and renewable energy. Durapower has been powering the global electric vehicles and renewable energy since  2009, with strong track records in safety and performance. Our growing list of customers includes leading blue chip companies, system integrators, vehicle OEMS, fleet operators, IPPs and grid operators.


Safety is our first priority.  In the clean and green automotive segment, Durapower systems have covered more than 100 million km in operational mileage globally with strong safety track records.  Our cells and systems are designed with safety features and considerations in mind.

Long Life Cycle
Durapower provides reliable long life cycle battery solutions, resulting in a lower operational cost and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Fast Charging Capability
Durapower has a well balanced performance portfolio and enables high charging capability while maintaining its lightweight and compact features. Durapower battery systems can be designed for opportunistic fast charging and can be fast charged within minutes.

Lightweight and Compact
Durapower cells are lightweight and compact, which are made for more energy efficient fleet operations in the context of electric vehicles, and allow a more efficient space planning in today’s land scarce resources for all other stationary ESS applications.

      For the same weight loading and space,Durapower ESS solutions provide a higher capacity and performance solutions.

The modularity design concept of our battery products ensures an ease of use, service and scalability for varied applications, from mobility to stationary project, and from small scale kWh to MWh grid scale solutions.

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