Energy Storage System (ESS)

Energy Storage System (ESS)


Containerized Energy Storage Solution

Durapower designs and manufactures safe, high performance, lightweight and durable Energy Storage System (ESS) using recycled batteries for a closed-loop integrated process with a focus on clean and renewable energy.


Black Start
Restoring an electric power station to operate without external electric power transmission network to recover from a total or partial shutdown.

Peak Shaving
Shaving maximum demand by delivering power to the load and restoring energy to ESS during the off-peak periods to save huge electricity costs.

Frequency Regulation
Rapid response time and emission free operation in restoring the balance between energy supply and demand in the grid system.

EV Charging
Durapower ESS can be integrated with on/off grid renewables to provide back up and power for EV charging, reducing load on local grid systems.

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