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Benefits of ESS

Benefits of ESS

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To solve intermittency issues of renewable energy

The intermittency nature of renewable energy such as wind and solar is disruptive to the main power grid. With ESS, the variable renewable energy output is stored before being supplied to the grid, this enhances the power stability and quality.


To delay upgrading of transmission and distribution network

ESS can be used to provide smart management of local peak demands to achieve outcomes such as relief on transmission congestion, area/frequency regulation and transmission support so that the costly upgrade of transmission and distribution networks can be deferred.


To provide quick frequency regulation for grid system

Traditional power generators has long response lag time towards automatic generator control (AGC) signals. Lithium ESS provides reliable and fast frequency response to stabilize system frequency.


To lower energy costs of commercial and residential owners

Commercial/home owners could store electricity during off-peak time for usage during peak hours to cut down peak demand and electricity cost. Energy generated from renewable sources (solar/wind) can be stored on ESS to maximize clean-energy utilization and costs savings.


To maximize electricity generation from renewable energy sources

The usage of energy generated from renewable sources is not optimized due to the transmission limited capacity. ESS could step in to relieve transmission congestion and maximize utilization of renewable energy sources.