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Stationary Energy Storage System (ESS) Solution

Stationary Energy Storage System (ESS) Solution


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Applications of Durapower ESS Solution

Durapower offers wide range of lithium-ion energy storage systems from kilowatt-hour scale ESS for residential application up to multi-megawatt-hour class ESS for the utility application. The ESS is customized to meet a diverse set of application requirements based on modular and flexible design principles.

The lithium-ion cells built into the Durapower ESS were developed to meet the demanding requirements of global industry towards ESS, providing high performance, long life, reliability, and safety to the end users with affordable total cost of ownership.



Residential ESS is gaining popularity as a solution to integrate the main power grid and household renewable energy generator (such as photovoltaic system) to maximize energy savings and counter the effect of ever-rising electricity bill. Additionally, residential ESS could also provide emergency power during power outage.

For off-grid area, ESS is combined with renewable energy generator (such as photovoltaic and wind power) to supply sustainable electricity for communities and infrastructures without the need of costly power transmission and distribution system. ESS also works in combination with conventional fossil power generation (such as diesel and gas engines) to meet peak demands.


Telecom Base Transfer Station (BTS)

The number of base transceiver station (BTS) will keep on increasing to support large data and high speed mobile communication services.

Durapower provides ESS solution for BTS ranging from small pico/micro cells to large off-grid towers. 

Durapower ESS is built on lithium battery and is more suitable than lead acid batteries for BTS application due to major advantages such as:

  • Cheaper To Use

  • Wider Operating Temperature range (-20~60’C)

  • Low Maintenance which is crucial for remote or inaccessible BTS sites.

When connected to a photovoltaic or wind power system, off-grid BTS can cover wide areas beyond the coverage of the main power grid, with lower operating costs.


Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

For mission-critical systems such as data center, hospital, finance institutions, etc, Durapower UPS provides reliable back-up power and helps to address total energy consumption.

The wide operating temperature of Durapower lithium battery technology helps to cut down the use of air conditioning in battery rooms and reduce operating costs.

Lithium ESS also offers significant advantages in weight and energy density compared to lead acid batteries, which translates to lower real estate requirements and higher white space available for other value-adding operation.

Durapower ESS can be monitored remotely while allowing real-time control of system functions such as state of charge and health.


Renewables and Micro Grid

For uncontrollable renewable energy generation, ESS converts the variable renewable power output to become stable power output which can be manipulated to ensure minimal disruption at the grid network. Large scale ESS can be used in rural electrification and conventional utility sectors, which include power generation, transmission, and distribution to enhance grid stability and power quality.

Durapower has developed modular and space-efficient battery system, and combines it with power and energy management system to become turnkey solution through collaboration with our fully qualified system integration partners.



Benefits of ESS

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To solve intermittency issues of renewable energy

The intermittency nature of renewable energy such as wind and solar is disruptive to the main power grid. With ESS, the variable renewable energy output is stored before being supplied to the grid, this enhances the power stability and quality.


To delay upgrading of transmission and distribution network

ESS can be used to provide smart management of local peak demands to achieve outcomes such as relief on transmission congestion, area/frequency regulation and transmission support so that the costly upgrade of transmission and distribution networks can be deferred.


To provide quick frequency regulation for grid system

Traditional power generators has long response lag time towards automatic generator control (AGC) signals. Lithium ESS provides reliable and fast frequency response to stabilize system frequency.


To lower energy costs of commercial and residential owners

Commercial/home owners could store electricity during off-peak time for usage during peak hours to cut down peak demand and electricity cost. Energy generated from renewable sources (solar/wind) can be stored on ESS to maximize clean-energy utilization and costs savings.


To maximize electricity generation from renewable energy sources

The usage of energy generated from renewable sources is not optimized due to the transmission limited capacity. ESS could step in to relieve transmission congestion and maximize utilization of renewable energy sources.