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Automotive Energy Storage Solution

Automotive Energy Storage Solution



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Battery system

Durapower has developed full-spectrum of advanced automotive battery system which is suitable for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), full electric vehicles (EV), and specialty vehicle.





Battery Management System (BMS) is the nerve center of the whole battery system for data collection and control, it enables intelligent management of battery through advanced monitoring software. The reliability and stability of the BMS is vital for optimum battery efficiency and life span. Some basic features include:

  • Cell voltage measurement and balancing control
  • Battery pack voltage and charge-discharge current measurement
  • Multipoint temperature measurement and heat management system
  • Insulation and electrical leakage detection and protection
  • Battery fault diagnosis and maintenance
  • Charge-discharge control;
  • Configurable communication protocol
  • Vehicle remote monitoring through cloud platform


Fast charging


Smart charging pole that is supported by Cloud platform to function as an intelligent terminal and networking with vehicles together with following features:

  • Customizable plug design to support multiple number of EV.
  • Modular design with charging power of 15kw, which can be used to build charging system with higher power such as 150kw, 300kw, 600kw, or higher.
  • Smart/programmable charging according to schedule, time duration, electricity consumption, or cash value.
  • Space-friendly.
  • High efficiency and electricity utilization.
  • Equipped with PFC function (power factor correction) to minimize harmonic interference.

Quick battery swapping


The entire quick battery swapping process is achieved with minimal human supervision, which includes automated vehicle recognition, battery swapping bay allocation, auto-guided vehicle parking, automated battery matching, and precise battery pack swapping plus positioning. This ensures safe operation with short battery swapping duration and simplified process to provide high quality battery swapping at minimal costs.


Electric vehicle platform

With extensive knowledge and experience of working with globally renowned EV manufacturers, Durapower provides consultation and offers wide range of EV platform options that could meet the unique requirement of any specific project.