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About Us

About Us

Durapower Technology is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and integration of lithium battery systems for automotive and energy storage systems.

We take pride as a Singapore Enterprise with battery manufacturing capability to build high performance lithium ion batteries, which are currently based on matured lithium-NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt-oxide) and LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) materials.

Our batteries are widely used in electric mobility and stationary energy storage system (ESS) such as full-electric vehicle, hybrid-electric vehicle, specialty-electric vehicle, renewable energy storage, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), datacenter, telecom industry, on/off grid energy storage, etc.

Our team of engineers and managers with many years of experience are sparing no effort to further develop new and innovative solutions to expand our presence. We work closely with our customers globally to provide customized solutions for their energy storage requirements.

We are looking ahead to be a leading system integrator and provider for the global green energy storage solution.

We believe in delivering world-class energy storage solution through innovation, talent development, and create value to customers, partners, shareholders and staff.

We have been a member of EVAAP (Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific) since 2014.Evaap